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Twist of Fate

mystery novels

Two opposite lives are thrown together while trying to survive their own fate.

Running from the law, Julia has to figure out how's she's going to go on.  

Larry being her only way out, she turns to him for help. Little did she know Larry will soon find himself at the opposite end of the law.  

Will Julia and Larry be able to make it through this travesty of justice?

New Releases


Sarah thought her terror was over when she buried her family, but the nightmare has just begun.
She now has to decide to either kill or be killed like her family.

Mercy's Killing

Travesty of Justice

Mercy was born on a cold starless night, late Hallow's Eve. ​The Andersons thought she was a miracle, a dream come true.

Little did they know that their beautiful blessing will soon become a curse.  A terrifying evil that only a few will survive.