Vital Mistake
"Either do as I say or she’ll suffer a slow painful death,” he spat, holding the knife firmly against Lilly’s neck.

"No, please don’t hurt her. Please don’t hurt my daughter." 

"Then do what I say or else, " he replies, pulling the sharp blade tighter against her neck.

That was the beginning of the end, the day my life started spiraling out of control. I lost my life, my love, my home all because of one vital mistake.

Town Slayer
The Berryville Detectives work hard to keep their community protected from hideous crimes. They thought they had had everything under control until they discovered several men brutely murdered in their small peaceful town.

Will the Berryville detectives be able to stop the serial killer, or will the murderer strike again?


What Goes Around 

Every family has their share of secrets.  Sometimes the consequences are deadly when they're finally revealed. 

That's what happen to the Maroni's, one secret sent the family to their grave. It's up to the Berryville detectives to discover the hidden secret leading to their untimely demise. 

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