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Mystic Creature 

The town gasps as they watch a half boy half beast stumble out of the burning house, his small hairy body completely submerged in flames. Stepping onto the porch, the lad quickly glances through the crowd.

"The devil as my witness, I swear you and all of your descendants will pay for what you've done." the young lad proclaims.

Through the years, the Navajo village suffered massive hardships, more than one town should ever have to endure. This will fair in comparison to what the beast has in store.

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Nowhere to Run
After escaping the law, Abby decided to start a new life using a new identity in a small southern town.

Everything is going the way she'd hoped with her new life, her new career. Then Abby discovers incriminating data on several powerful men. 
Abby has to flee from the law and the drug cartel.  Where will she go, now she has nowhere to run? 

Haunting Past
A serial kidnapper swept through the town managing to abduct ten children and destroy the life of hundreds.  A case that was neither solved nor forgotten.

Discovering new evidence, the Detectives quickly spring into action. They didn't  know that their new breakthrough will arouse more than painful memories.

Will the children get the justice they deserve or will their killer continue to run free?